Please note that your reservation is not confirmed when booking online.
At Farm To Plate, we strive to deliver the best service we can. In our quest to deliver the best quality of dishes and the freshest of food, we would like to ensure that we don’t disappoint. Hence we will call you confirm your reservation. Please ensure that all details are filled. Otherwise, the reservation cannot be processed.

Here at Farm To Plate, we pride ourselves in our amazing tender and succulent pure Iberico ribs. In order to achieve that tenderness and flavour of the meat whilst maintaining its juiciness, our ribs are cooked slowly. Yes, it takes us time to get it that good!

To us, our customers are very important and we want you to have the best experience at our place. If you are planning to have a meal, do give us a call at 03-7732 9552 to make a reservation and pre-order your tender Iberico ribs.

That way, when you arrive, we can ensure minimum waiting time to serve you our pure Iberico ribs.