About Us

What is Farm to Plate?

Farm To Plate is a rustic, fun eatery and bar located in Damansara Kim, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.

Our restaurant is known for our hearty fare with our speciality in Iberico Ribs. The menu, as the name suggests, embraces all that is Iberico and pork, along with other fresh vegetables, seasonal ingredients cooked with an emphasis on family-style, affordable dining. We focus on produce-driven cuisine to showcase the best seasonal ingredients from the farm in their purest form and flavour.

Concept of Farm To Plate

If we look back in history, food that humans ate were normally sourced directly from farmers or they grew the food themselves. Some might purchase them from neighbours who were farmers or barter with them for food items. Back in those days, the food that they had was fresh, local, and literally, direct from the farm to their plates.

As time passed by and the world entered into the industrial revolution, food sources became mostly from grocery stores, markets and hypermarkets. Advances in logistics and refrigeration methods allowed food to be frozen and stored for long periods of time to be delivered across cities, states, countries and even continents.  The longer the time it takes for the food to get to the dinner table, the more the taste, the quality and flavour are lost.

Here at Farm to Plate, our aim is to try to get our food direct from the farms to our kitchens and unto your plate.


Fresh Ingredients

The majority of the ingredients in the dishes on our menu are fresh, local, and seasonal. Fresh food has plenty of flavours and we want to show it through simple cooking.

Simply Served

Since fresh food has so much flavour, chefs often choose to serve it as simply as possible. We avoid using heavy sauces to mask the fresh flavours of the ingredients. Try our Farm To Plate salad to understand what we mean.

Hence, our motto, Simply Served, Fresh Ingredients or #SSFI.


Urban Kitchen

Here at Farm To Plate, we aim for fresh ingredients with a bit of the farm on your table. That means a little bit rustic but catered for the urban folk. We are located in Damansara Kim, the heart of Petaling Jaya.

We embrace food and the community in Petaling Jaya and Kuala Lumpur as one. We aim to be that neighbourhood destination where guests can enjoy a great meal with fresh ingredients. Our restaurant is styled and can cater for people of all ages.

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